Licence check of open source software

Do you have proprietary software in your product portfolio that uses open source packages? Then you should ensure that the licensing conditions of this overall solution and all individual packages are clarified. Only on this basis is it guaranteed that you can effectively license your product. If this is not the case, and you have made no provision for such a review, you risk not only not sell your product. In the worst case, you are also liable for significant consequential damage, such as the production loss of machinery.

We offer you to screen your software solution with an analysis tool and to identify the software conditions that apply to the service packages used. Based on our legal analysis, we then create the conditions that your software solution uses only proper packages and can be effectively licensed to your customers. The tool we use can check software packages in binary code, ie as they are delivered, and process them in such a way that the prerequisites for proper open source licensing are created.

As a buyer, do you want to make sure that purchased open source software is properly licensed in accordance with the assurances given and that you can thus rule out default and regress risks? Then use our software scan with legal analysis. We also offer this service as a service that can be booked as part of due diligences for company acquisitions.

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