Do you need support only for legal issues in a particular case or a specific project? If so, you are right with us. Whether it is about labor law issues, the establishment of a distribution company or you need a special contract design, we take over the legal tasks.

In the digital world, planability and stable organisation are replaced by flexibility and networked structures. Through our network of highly qualified lawyers, we can provide you with individual advice on the legal issues of your company according to your needs – priced entrepreneurially and fairly.

If you want to benefit from today’s technical possibilities, we will work with you to find useful solutions. Whether you need a state-of-the-art case management system for your legal department, or you want to leverage proven template collections, or increase efficiency and customer satisfaction through automation and legal chatbots, we know what Legal Tech hype is and what’s on hand. Why: Based on our years of experience, we try and use the best available technology at the best price for our own business.

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